"This brush cleaning tool is worth every penny" Bustle

"This brush cleaning tool is worth every penny" Bustle

New York based Bustle is a new force in media and delivers everything you want to know, see, and read right now whether you're starting your work day, taking a study break, waiting for a flight, preparing a bottle for your kid, or doing something else entirely.

We were delighted that they featured StylPro, describing it as a "crazy, cool tool".

"Cleaning your makeup brushes is something that we all know we're supposed to do, but probably don't do as often as we really should because, let's face it, it takes forever. But the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer changes all of that with its revolutionary new technology.

"It's quite amazing. And if you're a makeup enthusiast, this is definitely a good use of that holiday money that's burning a hole in your pocket."

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