About Inventor Tom Pellereau

Tom is best known for winning The Apprentice in 2011 and becoming Lord Sugar’s first business partner from the BBC hit show.

From the age of 4, when he started making things with his Mum and Granddad, Tom wanted to be an inventor. He was fascinated by how things worked, taking them apart and rebuilding them. Even now, Tom is intrigued by how objects can be improved or problems solved with the right gadget!

This interest set him on the path to gaining a First Class Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering with Innovation and Design from the University of Bath. After University, Tom spent 5 years working for Innovation consultancies across Europe, Ireland and the UK but his dream was to have his own company that could bring his inventions to market.

There were many times he thought it may never happen and applying to the Apprentice was a last throw of the dice for Tom’s dream. The weekend he applied to the show, he was supposed to be completing job application forms for what his grandfather described as a 'proper job'. Instead, he heard a radio advert, explaining how the Apprentice was changing and that it was the chance to set up his own company with a £250,000 investment and access to the wealth of Lord Sugar’s business experience.

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