Stylfile Gel - The Science

Gel nail polish lasts weeks and looks amazing. It’s no wonder they are hugely popular. However people generally believe that gel nail polish damages the natural nail. According to Jenny Longworth, nail technician to the stars, the damage is often caused by incorrect removal of the polish.

This inspired Tom to find a way to safely, easily and effectively remove gel polish without causing damage. He met with experts at the University of Manchester and was able to use their ultra sonic device – one of the only machines in the world able to measure the thickness of nails at the nail bed and used it in consumer testing of his new kit.

These encouraging results showed Tom that participants’ nails seemed unaffected after using the removal kit.

None of the testers felt there was any damage to their nails and reported that it was easier to remove the gels, required less scraping and loved the fact they were able to do the removal themselves. Every tester said they would use the kit instead of their normal removal method and would have gel polish applied more often, now they could remove it easily themselves.